The primary objective of the LuxFLAG Environment Label is to reassure investors that the Investment product actually primarily invests their assets in environment-related sectors in a responsible manner. The eligibility criteria for the Environment Label require eligible funds to have a portfolio of investments in environment-related sectors corresponding to at least 75% of the fund’s total assets.

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Environment Investment Vehicles target the following Sustainable Development Goals:

Main features


    The LuxFLAG Environment Label was launched in June 2011


    The LuxFLAG Label is intended for environment funds which aim to generate environmental performance and asset/sector growth with environmental practices


    The LuxFLAG Label assesses true investment strategy commitments and helps investors in the selection of products


    LuxFLAG is involved in the review process

Advantages of the label

Enhances the visibility of your Investment Fund

  • An Investment Fund that has been granted the LuxFLAG Environment Label may use the distinctive LuxFLAG Label Logo in its marketing and promotional activity;
  • The labelled Investment Products are listed on LuxFLAG's website, annual report and announced in the monthly newsflash and social medias with a direct link to your website

  • LuxFLAG offers a forum on its website for you to publish statements relative to your Investment Product

  • The LuxFLAG Label is widely promoted by the Agency and its Members through conferences, seminars and industry related media opportunities, adding value to the brand and providing a platform from which to attract institutional investors.

Reinforces credibility towards investors

Investors can be confident that:

  • Their money is predominantly invested in Environment related sectors in a socially responsible manner

  • Your Investment Product is annually scrutinised by an expert panel and meets internationally recognised standards in the Socially Responsible Investment sector

  • You are committed to going the extra mile in order to deliver confidence and a high service level to your investors

  • Your Investment Product demonstrates a responsible commitment to the ESG values.

Helps reaching the international investment community

  • LuxFLAG and its labelled Investment Products are systematically presented worldwide at roadshows and respective events and publications

  • The labelled Investment Products benefit from a special listing on fund databases, distribution platforms and fund selectors resources which is made available to major international data vendor companies