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LuxFLAG supports the financing of sustainable development by providing clarity for investors through awarding Labels. LuxFLAG’s constant goal is to embrace a number of core values, which may be described as follows.

Clarity for investors is at the core of LuxFLAG’s activities. Indeed, it is the very aim that is to be achieved through the main values that accompany LuxFLAG and that give guidance,in all matters, to the persons who bear responsibility for the Agency.


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LuxFLAG Labels

General description and downloadable logos

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The Luxembourg Finance Labelling Agency (LuxFLAG), is an independent and international, non-profit association created in Luxembourg in July 2006 by seven founding partners, the Luxembourg Government (Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs and Ministry of Sustainable Development and Infrastructure), ALFI, ABBL, ADA, the European Investment Bank, Luxembourg for Finance and the Luxembourg Stock Exchange who are the Charter members. LuxFLAG aims to promote the raising of capital for the Responsible Investment sector by awarding a recognizable label to eligible investment vehicles and insurance products in Microfinance, Environment, ESG (Environment, Social, Governance), Climate Finance, Green Bonds  and Sustainable Insurance. The objective is to reassure investors that the labelled investment vehicles invest in the respective sectors and activities in a responsible manner.

For further information, please contact us. Downloadable logos:

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What LuxFLAG labels offer

For investors:


LuxFLAG Labels help you identify investment products and insurance products that are active in Responsible Investment (in the field of Microfinance, Environment, ESG, Climate Finance, Green Bonds and Sustainable Insurance).


LuxFLAG seeks to encourage transparency by investment funds on environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance


LuxFLAG regularly shares with you relevant information on investment funds active in Responsible Investment



LuxFLAG Labels enhance the visibility of your investment funds and reflect your commitment to Responsible Investment


The LuxFLAG Labels help you attract investors interested in Responsible Investment


The LuxFLAG Labels help you demonstrate that you are committed to investing in Responsible Investment


LuxFLAG regularly shares with its audience relevant information on your investment funds that are active in Responsible Investment



LuxFLAG helps raise awareness within the traditional banking and fund industries on Responsible Investment


LuxFLAG supports high governance standards and independent quality control


LuxFLAG benefits from a strong network of Associate Members and key partners. Through its events and communications, LuxFLAG regularly shares relevant information on new developments in the fields of Responsible Investment