Associate members

  • CETRELSecurities

    To help maximizing the added value of the information coming from the major Financial Data Providers and other sources (e.g. regulators), CETRELSecurities has developed a unique state-of-the-art Enterprise Data Management (EDM) platform for the Luxembourg and the European financial markets. CETRELSecurities is specialized since more than a decade in Leveraged Data Feed integration, Compliance products and Business Process Outsourcing services.

  • IdealRatings Inc

    IdealRatings specializes in working with investors who want to align their values with their investment goals. Therefore, IdealRatings provides flexible solutions that enable the incorporation of values-based considerations into the investment analysis and decision making processes.

  • Kneip

    KNEIP is an industry leader in data management and reporting solutions for the investment and insurance industry. Since their incorporation in 1993, KNEIP works with fund managers and administrators around the world to aggregate, format, and disseminate their fund data and reporting documents, creating innovative data management solutions for their clients.

  • LIST

    The Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) is a mission-driven Research and Technology Organisation (RTO) active in the fields of materials, environment and IT. By transferring technology to society as well as local companies, LIST contributes strongly to the building of tomorrow’s Luxembourg.

  • More Carrot

    More Carrot specializes in fixing documents and forms that fail as communications and as business tools. Their goal is to create communications that get results by respecting the user and by rewarding readership and interaction. Their staff combines expertise in plain language and information design with extensive knowledge of financial, legal, compliance, regulatory, and business issues.

  • Morningstar Luxembourg

    Morningstar believes that great investing advice means understanding investors’ hopes, dreams, and ideals to find out what really matters. It doesn’t just focus on the finish line— it focuses on the journey. The company has been empowering investor success since 1984 and has seen firsthand how great advice can help people reach their goals.

  • OTCFin

    Founded in 1990 OTCFin specialises in providing financial data management, risk and regulatory reporting solutions and services. From data feed automation and data quality monitoring to pricing/risk systems implementation ultimately to produce accurate and actionable data outputs and reports, OTCFin has a proven track record in building concrete solutions that work.

  • Rating-Agentur Expert RA

    Rating-Agentur Expert RA (RAEX-Europe) is an independent European credit rating agency, affiliated with the international group RAEX, which has more than 20 years of experience in rating and analytical industry. RAEX-Europe assigns classic credit ratings according to the international scale as well as non-credit ESG ratings (environmental, social & governance).

  • SDL

    Donnelley Language Solutions, which is now part of SDL, is a leading provider of language services and technology. We support many of the leading global organizations and brands with a full range of multilingual communications solutions that break down barriers, build connections and deliver measurable results.

  • Seqvoia

    SEQVOIA brings asset managers and asset servicing companies a cutting-edge RegTech solution to manage their fund documentation. We put the prospectus at the core and create coherence in communication with partners and clients by automating the production and dissemination of documents like UCITS KIID and PRIIPS KID, application forms, shareholder letters and other documents.

  • SIX Financial information

    SIX Financial Information aggregates data, directly and in real-time, from over 1500 worldwide sources, covering all the major trading venues. Its financial information comprises reference data, corporate actions, pricing and market data for around 11 million securities.

  • Symbiotics

    Symbiotics is a leading investment company specialized in emerging, sustainable and inclusive finance. Its mission is to contribute to sustainable development in emerging and frontier markets by providing traditionally underserved businesses increased access to capital and financial services.