"This a very credible approach, providing smaller investors with the same kind of level of due diligence that large institutional investors get by employing consultants. The fund management industry should applaud this innovative and democratic approach to fund labelling, and support the LuxFLAG initiative."

Jacob Nordby ChristensenExecutive Vice President, Sparinvest S.A.
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"With the LuxFLAG label, OFI’s fund meets the best sustainable standard and extends the perspective of international development and distribution, the LuxFLAG label being independent and internationally acknowledged.”

Eric Van LabeckHead of SRI research and development, OFI Asset Management
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"The LuxFLAG Label does give peace of mind to the end investor that we are investing in responsible long-term biased companies."

Robert WilliamsHead of Business Development, NN Investment Partners
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"We believe that holding the LuxFLAG Climate Finance Label will help the GGF attract new private investors to its already considerable - and growing - private capital base, by providing an external verification of the Fund's success in achieving its goals."

Christopher KnowlesChairman of the Board of Green for Growth Fund
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"We were impressed by LuxFLAG’s accreditation process and level of requirements; this makes us even more proud to be granted the Climate Finance Label which confirms that East Capital China Environmental invests in companies that contribute to limiting the scope and effects of climate change."

Karine HirnPartner of East Capital, based in Hong Kong

“We welcome very much the launch of a specific climate finance label by LuxFLAG. As an asset manager launching a climate finance fund, we clearly see the importance of establishing quality standards and ensuring transparency in a nascent sector.”

Kaspar WanslebenExecutive Director, Luxembourg Microfinance and Development Fund

"LuxFLAG set up the microfinance label to reassure investors, professional and private, that funds or MIVs were investing in microfinance assets. The microfinance label covers a majority of the assets of microfinance investment vehicles worldwide."

Patrick GoodmanPartner, Innpact
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