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What is a LuxFLAG Label?

LuxFLAG Label is a unique tool at the disposal of Asset Managers which they can use to highlight the Sustainability/ESG/Impact credentials of their investment products. Investors use LuxFLAG Label to identify sustainable investment products as it offers them the possibility in terms of differentiating 'wheat from chaff' and an external independent, internationally recognised validation on compliance with the best market practices

Key cornerstones of LuxFLAG Labels


Cross border in nature with international outreach (currently labelled funds domiciled in 7 countries and managed in 16)


Voluntary, market-driven, Independent and Neutral not for profit labelling authority


Comprehensive Eligibility Criteria recognised as best market practices and robust quality control mechanism

What LuxFLAG labels offer


Enhances market visibility of a labelled product


Affirms compliance with the best market practices


Provides benchmarking possibility with recognised peers

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How is the label awarded?

  1. The Applicant Fund should review the desired LuxFLAG Label Eligibility Criteria in order to verify its compliance 

  2. Contact LuxFLAG to discuss the application process

  3. Complete the application package, and submit it to LuxFLAG

  4. The standard application review takes about two months upon which LuxFLAG will inform the decision to the Applicant Fund

Of course, the Applicant Fund can apply anytime!

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How do I apply?

The standard application process consists of:

  1. Meeting or call with LuxFLAG in roder to understand the Eligibility Criteria and application process

  2. Submission of a Letter of Intent by the Applicant Fund

  3. Submission of the application package as per the Checklist and related documentation

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What is the label cost?

LuxFLAG Labels are awarded at a sub-fund/strategy/individual product level.

There is NO application fee for LuxFLAG Labels.

In case of sucessfull application, upon award of the Label licence the standard all inclusive fee per sub fund is Euro 3'000.

All Fund Labels are awarded for a period of 12 months and are due for renewal upon expiry.

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