Eligibility Criteria

regulatory framework

The Applicant Investment Fund should be UCITS or AIFMD compliant. A non-European fund may qualify provided it is subject to an equivalent regulatory framework.

ESG strategy

The Applicant Investment Fund must describe its ESG strategy and criteria.

Decision making

The Applicant Investment Fund must demonstrate how it integrates its ESG strategy and criteria throughout the investment process.


The Applicant Investment Fund must screen 100% of its invested portfolio according to its ESG strategies and standards which are recognised by LuxFLAG.


The Applicant Investment Fund must apply an exclusion policy.


The Applicant Investment Fund must publish its full portfolio at least once per year and be transparent towards investors.

Agreement ESG

The application documents will be reviewed by LuxFLAG internally and the Eligibility Committees which give a recommendation to the Board of Directors taking the final decision.

LuxFLAG reserves the right to independently assess and evaluate the Applicant Investment Fund’s compliance with the above Eligibility Criteria and pertinence of the exclusion policy decided and applied by the fund.

A full description of the eligibility criteria is available in the Eligibility criteria document.


LuxFLAG’s Applicant Fund Status is available for newly launched funds in their initial subscription phase, showcasing their commitment to responsible investing principles. The Applicant Fund must commit to apply for a LuxFLAG Fund Label once eligible. Read more on the Applicant Fund Status