Eligibility Criteria

In order to obtain a LuxFLAG Green Bond Label, an Applicant must comply with the following Eligibility Criteria set by LuxFLAG. The principal conditions are that the Applicant must:

regulatory framework

Follow internationally recognised guidelines/standards such as the Green Bond Principles in order to illustrate its commitment to transparency and disclosure.

Green bond strategy

Utilise its proceeds for investing in one of the broad categories of potential eligible Green Projects recognised by LuxFLAG.


Report on qualitative performance indicators and, where feasible, quantitative performance measures with the key underlying methodology and/or assumptions used in the quantitative determination.


Apply the Sustainable Development Goals in the use of proceeds and provide evidence that an exclusion policy is applied across 100% of its use of proceeds.






Be subject to regulatory requirements applicable in the EU Member States or equivalent and must be issued on a regulated or regulated equivalent recognised stock exchange.



Provide ex-ante external review and commit to regular (every 24 months) ex-post reporting.

LuxFLAG reserves the right to independently assess and evaluate the Applicant Investment Fund’s compliance with the above Eligibility Criteria and pertinence of the exclusion policy decided and applied by the fund.

A full description of the eligibility criteria is available in the Eligibility Criteria document.