MFC - EMN Annual conference

The Microfinance Centre (MFC) and the European Microfinance Network (EMN) will hold their joint annual conference, in partnership with Seed Capital Bizkaia Micro, from 3-5 October 2018 in Bilbao, Spain. This year the joint MFC and EMN conference will focus on the implications of the digital revolution on financial and social inclusion. We would like to explore how microfinance institutions can be proactive in embracing and making the most of technology to provide valuable opportunities for entrepreneurs, start-ups and social enterprises.

The event will be a meeting of minds and ideas and will be the perfect opportunity for members and other industry experts to network, exchange experiences, learn from an impressive line-up of guests and even lay the groundwork for successful partnerships going forward. Upwards of 600 participants are expected to attend the conference this year from East and West Europe, Central Asia, the Caucasus and even further afield.

Sachin Vankalas, Director of Operations and Sustainability at LuxFLAG, will be speaking at the event.

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