ALFI Leading Edge - Sustainable Finance for Asset Managers

Sustainable Finance for Asset Managers is the topic of ALFI’s first Leading Edge event of 2019.
This ALFI Leading Edge event will cover Sustainable Finance from an asset management perspective.

Sustainable investing decoded

An overview of public sustainability policy and regulatory developments, both on European level and globally, will help to set the scene, along with an analysis of the status quo. There are many definitions out there that warrant a closer look. Responsible or sustainable? Green or carbon-neutral?

Strategies and innovative approaches

The same goes for the different strategies and product types in sustainable investing. Whether to choose a screening method or to follow the impact investing approach, to combine the E, S and G factors in a cross-sectoral product or to set a thematic focus (such as climate or microfinance) may not always seem a straightforward decision for asset managers. It may also depend on the availability and reliability of data, and the question of how impact can be measured could in itself be the subject of a conference.

Practical considerations for fund operations

Another topic will be the consequences for fund operationsthat the inclusion of sustainability factors has – not just risk management and governance bodies will be affected, but also reporting and auditing functions, even depositary and fund administration.

Success stories for a sustainable future

Inspiring stories from the field and a look at ever-increasing investor demand should be an adequate finish to whet any asset manager’s appetite for increasing their contribution to a sustainable future.

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