Fidelity Conference 'How ESG is reshaping the investment industry?'

There is no doubt that ESG is reshaping the asset management industry. Investor’s demand, increased scrutiny and government incentive are triggering a multidimensional evolution: from the investor to the investment firms, from how capital is invested to how companies are researched.

Does a lens with a different focus give you a different view?
Experts from Luxflag, Luxembourg Stock Exchange and Fidelity will share their views and shed some light on the latest evolutions in the industry: 

  • Mario Mantrisi, General Manager, Luxflag
  • Jane Wilkinson, Head of Sustainable Finance, Luxembourg Stock Exchange 
  • Aela Cozic, ESG Analyst, Fidelity International
  • Ilia Chelomianski, Associate Investment Director, Fidelity International