Microfinance Summit – Empower tech innovations & mobile digital channels

Following the success stories of the microfinance summit throughout the years, Euro Events is inviting you to its brand new edition which brings together experts, decision-makers, knowledge bearers and microfinance masterminds from all over the globe to present their stories, share their knowledge and discover to you the paths forward towards success, prosperity and ultimate gain through ample of technological trends, innovations and advancements opening to you the doors to long-lasting and enduring success. Special focus will be placed on digitalization and the role that various digital channels play towards creating and achieving long-lasting success. Micro-insurance by itself represents an intriguing puzzle and will be presented throughout the summit together with the latest microinsurance products and insurtech innovations.

LuxFLAG's General Manager Sachin Vankalas will attend the event and also participate in a panel discussion on Thursday at 15:30 focusing on how digital transformation is helping microfinance institutions build a better future.

LuxFLAG members benefit from a 30% discount. If you wish to register, please send us an email to communications@luxflag.org.

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