Linklaters Learning Hub Webinar - ESG: the rise of sustainable finance

In the wake of the Paris Climate Agreement, ESG has come right into the forefront of the international political agenda. The acronym (“Environmental, Social and Governance”) now underpins a wide-ranging European reform that will span virtually across all fields of western societies.

But what exactly is ESG? How has it translated into specific policy proposals and what proposals are out there? More importantly, how do such proposals affect the financial sector and its several players and what are the key challenges? 
This session will examine these questions with a focus on the specific legislative and market initiatives that will be relevant to the financial sector in the years to come. It will also cover the bearing of such initiatives on existing obligations and standards and discuss specific examples on how different financial products may be impacted.

This session will be co-delivered by Raza Naeem, Counsel in the London Financial Regulation Group and Diogo Casqueiro, Managing Associate in the Luxembourg Capital Markets and Banking Group.

This session will cover basic principles of the selected legal topic, and is designed for clients and internal lawyers alike to further their professional development together.

This session will take place via webex webinar. Dial in details will be sent upon registration.


1:45pm    Webinar dial-in opens

2:00pm    Session starts

3:00pm    Session finishes

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