Finance in Luxembourg goes green

Europe and the world is investing heavily into energy efficiency, renewables and interconnectivity. What do actors of the world of finance in Luxembourg put forward in order to help this multi-billions of investment flourish and keep up with the Paris Agreement? The conference 'Finance in Luxembourg goes green', taking place on 22 September at Banque de Luxembourg and organized by the Greens European Free Alliance, will get to the ground of this question.

Date and time: 22nd of September 2017, 12.00-14.00

PlaceBanque de Luxembourg- Auditorium

- Programme-

Opening: Lucienne Andring, SRI, Green, Micro-Finance and Impact Investing investment fund specialist, Banque de Luxembourg

Introduction: Claude Turmes, rapporteur on the governance of the energy union

“The energy transition needs to be investor friendly”

Contribution from actors:

Jane Wilkinson, Head of Sustainability de la Bourse de Luxembourg: Luxembourg Green Exchange and the attractiveness of Green Bonds

Christopher Knowles, European Investment Bank: Green investments from world’s biggest public investment bank

Annemarie Arens, General Manager of LUXFLAG: How labels create transparency and clarity on green financial instruments to investors

Kaspar Wansleben, Executive Director, LMDF: The added value of the Luxembourg fund domicile

- Discussion with the participants-

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