LuxFLAG partnered up with dfv Euro Finance Group for the Sustainable Investors Summit, which is part of the Euro Finance Week. The conference in Frankfurt on 15 November demonstrated how rapidly demand for sustainable infrastructure is growing and the promising opportunities for investors in this field. Mario Mantrisi moderated a panel discussing practical approaches to respond to existential challenges such as climate change and at the same time generate financial performance. The panel highlighted that green infrastructure is a good example for aligning both ends. Lowering energy consumption increases asset value and the environmental footprint, on the other side governance issues make one lose attractiveness as an owner. Most asset managers rely today on different data providers to get the full ESG picture. But ESG data in general has significantly improved. Furthermore, it was highlighted that especially innovative partnerships facilitate investments in this space and help bring forward the ambitious SDG agenda. More than 120 delegates attended the conference.


Achim Gilbert (Head of German Branch, Candriam Investors Group), Mario Mantrisi (General Manager, LuxFLAG), Constantin Nicklas (Coverage Startegy & Analytics Europe and Asia, DWS) and Anja Gräf (Director Alternative Investments, HSBC Germany)

Copyright: LuxFLAG

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