The Sustainable Finance roundtable, moderated by Thomas Seale, Chairman of LuxFLAG, attracted close to 100 delegates at the ALFI London conference on May 3rd. Alexia Latortue (Managing Director, Corporate Strategy, EBRD), Nichola Marshall (Head of Responsible Investment, Sparinvest), Anne Hauschild (Policy officer, European Commission) and Martin Parkes (Managing Director, Global Public Policy, BlackRock) took part in the panel discussion.The panel highlighted that sustainable finance is a moving target as the market is changing and evolving quickly. The EU Action Plan on Sustainable Finance was at the heart of the discussions. The panel pointed out that the EU Action Plan should stay dynamic and that a common taxonomy on sustainable finance should allow for periodic adaptation and modification. Several of the asset managers pointed out the important role of engagement for allowing the transition to a low-carbon economy, fostering the development and improvement of companies' sustainability practices. Asset Managers are one part of the process but the whole value chain is implicated. It was concluded that the Action Plan should make sure to involve distributors, rating agencies, fund administrators, depositary banks and other suppliers to the industry.


Photo: ALFI

Pictures of the event (ALFI)


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