During the Annual General Meeting on 15 June 2018, a new Board of Directors was elected to a three year term. Nicolas Mackel, from Luxembourg for Finance, was replaced by Tom Théobald. The AGM expressed its gratitude to Mr Mackel for his valuable counsel and support during his tenure on the Board. Maria Löwenbrück joined the Board on behalf of ALFI. The other Board members were re-elected.  

During the Board meeting following the AGM, Robert Scharfe was re-elected Treasurer, Manuel Tonnar was re-elected Vice-Chairman, and Thomas Seale was re-elected Chairman, the latter having chaired the Board for two terms was re-appointed for one additional year following a decision by LuxFLAG's Charter Members.

New board members (biography):


Maria Löwenbrück has been working in the financial industry in Luxembourg for more than 20 years. Maria joined Union Investment in June 2000 and is currently managing director and member of the Board of Union Investment Luxembourg S.A., a Luxembourg-based German fund company,  the fund company of the German cooperative banks, managing both UCITS and AIFs. She is also chairman of the board of UniInstitutional Infrastruktur SICAV-SIF and member of the board of different SICAV`s and investment vehicles. Furthermore she is member of the ALFI Board and member of the ALFI Regulatory Board. Prior to that she worked at Freie Internationale Sparkasse and DekaBank Luxembourg.


Tom Théobald is Deputy CEO of Luxembourg for Finance (LFF), a private public partnership between the Luxembourg government and the financial services industry.  In this capacity, Tom assists the agency in its strategic mission to develop the Luxembourg financial centre and promote its expertise and diversity abroad. Tom Théobald previously worked as Adviser at the Luxembourg Bankers’ Association (ABBL), where he was in charge of Communication and Press relations. He also held the position of Secretary of the ABBL Board of Directors. Prior to joining the ABBL in 2008, he served as an attaché to the Permanent Mission of Luxembourg to the United Nations in New York. Tom holds a Doctorate in English Literature from the University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne in the UK.

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