LuxFLAG labels 123 ESG investment products representing 59.53 billion in AuM. While reviewing the applications, we come across various investment products representing multiple types of assets classes, ESG screening approaches and use of ESG research applied. Throughout the summer, we will provide you with a glance into a good representative sample of Sustainable Investment products in Europe. Stay tuned for these weekly ESG supplements!


Topic of the LuxFLAG ESG Supplement


ESG investing has established itself within the asset management industry, irrespective of the size of asset managers and investment products


ESG investing goes beyond geographical borders


Are ESG funds available to retail investors?

    13 Aug.

ESG investing: what does it mean and how do investment funds apply ESG screening?

    20 Aug

Exclusion of controversial sectors and activities remain at the core of ESG Investing

   27 Aug

Navigating through the complex world of ESG Data: How do asset managers collect and use ESG data?

   03 Sept  

Which are the prominant ESG Initiatives /standards asset managers endorse?

    10 Sept.


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